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Screen Printing T-shirt Press
The K-SER ZERO ( AVAILABLE IN THE NEW COLOR BLACK METALLIC) is a screen printing press, optimal for ..
Ex Tax: 159.84€
Screen Printing Press + Kit
This is the age of cool fashion trends and teenagers prefer wearing the latest trends. You must have..
Ex Tax: 236.89€
Based on 8 reviews.
Screen Printing mini set
The set includes: HQ PHOTO EMULSION 250ml - Ready to use. Product of the highest quality, is s..
Ex Tax: 20.68€
Emulsion remover 1000ml
Very fast reclaiming liquid. Removes photographic emulsion from printing screen ..
Ex Tax: 47.59€
Emulsion Scoop Coater
The emulsion scoop coater is ideal for extending easy and perfect way the emulsion on the screen pri..
Ex Tax: 8.20€
1L Degreaser wash, Ready to use
Screen Printing cleaning - Degreaser wash for screen printing mesh ..
Ex Tax: 6.75€
Screen Printing Emulsion Plus7000 Autotype + Diazo
PLUS 7000 (1000ml) is a very high quality (HD), medium/high solids emulsion that is resistant to bot..
Ex Tax: 22.78€
Based on 2 reviews.
Screen Printing Emulsion Plus7000 Top screen (250gr)
Ready to use PLUS 7000 Top screen (250grl) is a very high quality , medium/high solids emulsion that..
Ex Tax: 8.44€
Emulsion remover ready to use 1000ml
Emulsion remover ready to use 1000ml. Very fast reclaiming liquid. Removes photographic em..
Ex Tax: 10.55€
Lamp holder for K-SER Zero Screen Printing Machine
Lamp holder for K-SER Zero Screen Printing Machine. ..
Ex Tax: 33.76€
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