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2" White Screen Tape Solvent Resistant 72 yard
Low Adhesive Solvent Resistant Screen Tape White for Screen Printing Screens 2" White Screen Tape..
Ex Tax: 3.27€
Blade knife paper cutter A3
Blade knife paper cutter A3. ..
Ex Tax: 60.77€
Cold Laminator 55.1" 1400mm K-LAM1400
Cold Laminator 55.1" 1400mm K-LAM1400 is ideal for laminating at a low price: it allows to laminate ..
Ex Tax: 654.92€
Based on 10 reviews.
Cutting plotter CT-630
The cutting plotter P-CUT CT-630 is an excellent professional machine for inscriptions on shop windo..
Ex Tax: 736.89€
Grommets 300pcs
300 eyelets for eyelet machine OC-1. Technical data: External diameter: 22 mm. Internal d..
Ex Tax: 38.11€
Heat press automatic 38x38cm
A heat press is the machine that presses a transfer onto an imprintable substrate. Using high temper..
Ex Tax: 818.86€
Pad Printing head 65
Round Pad for pad printing. Flexible type for manual machines. Technical data: Type: soft ..
Ex Tax: 22.66€
Pad Printing head 70
Rectangular Pad for pad printing. Flexible type for manual machines. Technical data: Type: ..
Ex Tax: 22.66€
Pad printing kit
This special kit includes a Exposure unit with UV lamps necessary for engrave pad prinitng plates in..
Ex Tax: 1,146.72€
Based on 8 reviews.
Paper cutter machine 434mm
The manual paper cutter machine KT-434 868/A3 is a very requested product, especially by those ..
Ex Tax: 490.98€
Based on 3 reviews.
Perforating machine 360mm
Very useful machine to make small perforations in paper. Technical data: Maximum working : ..
Ex Tax: 276.67€
Round Cornering Machine
Manual machine to round corners, easy to use, excellent to round cards, business cards, menus, invit..
Ex Tax: 210.22€
Screen Printing Machine K-SER 1 Evo
The K-SER1 EVO represents the evolution of screen printing machines: thanks to the new "slide system..
Ex Tax: 1,228.69€
Based on 6 reviews.
Screen yeld film
Screen film for pad printing engrave process. 90% black 120 lines 110 x 210mm. ..
Ex Tax: 12.66€
Cap press Machine
It will help you to leave the beautiful and clear picture on the cap . So don't hesitate. ..
Ex Tax: 336.86€
Cold Laminator 1400mm and Laminating Film K-LAM1400
Cold Laminator - Laminator 1400 mm + Crystal Finish Cold Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film 1270mm x..
Ex Tax: 736.89€
Emulsion Scoop Coater
The emulsion scoop coater is ideal for extending easy and perfect way the emulsion on the screen pri..
Ex Tax: 8.20€
Pad Printing Machine
Our pad-printing machine is very easy to use and doesn’t need any maintenance. With pad printing,..
Ex Tax: 654.92€
Screen Printing Press K-SER zero
The screen printing press K-SER ZERO ( AVAILABLE IN THE NEW COLOR BLACK METALLIC) is a  t ..
Ex Tax: 159.84€
20x Transparency Film For laser Printers
High quality transparency paper, used for printing off your artwork images from your computer a..
Ex Tax: 7.59€
Adhesive Spray 600ml
Textile mist Adhesive Spray Takter 1000 (600ml) ensures perfect adhesion between the support an..
Ex Tax: 5.73€
Electric Cold Laminator 1300mm
The Electric Cold Laminator, it is ideal to pair or apply adhesive. It allows, easily and profession..
Ex Tax: 1,434.40€
Eyelet machine
This manual Eyelet machine in just one operation, to perforate and insert the eyelet. It is widely u..
Ex Tax: 226.98€
Mug Heat Press
Heat press for mugs, sublimation printing. This press is equipped with a digital control that sta..
Ex Tax: 252.43€
Based on 1 reviews.
Pad Printing Uv Exposure Unit
Pad Printing Polymer Plate Making. Built in Europe following specific quality standards, this pro..
Ex Tax: 327.05€
Photopolymer plate “HR Nylon” type red, for developing with Alcohol. Dimensions: 100 x 200 mm...
Ex Tax: 16.87€
Photopolymer Plates (pack of 10)
Photopolymer plates (pack of 10) “HR Nylon” type red, for developing with Alcohol. Dimensions:..
Ex Tax: 109.65€
Photopolymer Plates (pack of 3)
Photopolymer plates (pack of 3) “HR Nylon” type red, for developing with Alcohol. Dimensions: ..
Ex Tax: 45.53€
Photopolymer Plates (pack of 5)
Photopolymer plates (pack of 5) “HR Nylon” type red, for developing with Alcohol. Dimensions: ..
Ex Tax: 63.25€
Rounder corner
Manual machine to round corners, easy to use, excellent to round cards, business cards, menus, invit..
Ex Tax: 169.40€
Screen Printing Press + Kit
This is the age of cool fashion trends and teenagers prefer wearing the latest trends. You must have..
Ex Tax: 236.89€
Based on 9 reviews.
10x Transparency Film A4 for Inkjet Printers
High quality transparency paper, used for printing off your artwork images from your computer and ex..
Ex Tax: 7.59€
DIY Screen Printing Kit
Are you thinking about starting a small business or are you simply interested in DIY screen printing..
Ex Tax: 89.34€
Based on 21 reviews.
Laminator machine 63"
The laminator machine 1600mm, it is ideal to pair or apply adhesive. It allows, easily and professio..
1,899.00€ 1,699.00€
Ex Tax: 1,392.62€
Based on 6 reviews.
Pad Printing Ink 1Kg.
The ink of the "Tampo Plus" series is an ink made of one or two components specially formulated for ..
Ex Tax: 36.05€
Based on 1 reviews.
Screen clean spray KIWO
PREGAN 235 SPRAY dissolves solvent based, dried printing inks after breaks or when printing screens ..
Ex Tax: 15.45€
10x Transparency Film A3 for Inkjet Printers
On our online shop you can buy transparency film for inkjet printers. High quality transparency pape..
Ex Tax: 12.66€
Creasing machine A3
The A3 Creasing machine with fixed mould manages to tie up invitations, menus, flyers and any type o..
249.00€ 198.99€
Ex Tax: 163.11€
Based on 2 reviews.
Screen printing clamps 2x
It will be enough to tighten the pins on a table or a rigid base to get an excellent screen-printing..
Ex Tax: 16.31€
Based on 1 reviews.
Hot Cold Laminator 1600
The upper roll of this laminator is adjustable for hot or cold laminating; the pressure of the rolls..
Ex Tax: 4,097.54€
Screen Printing Ink for T-shirt 1Kg ACRILTEX
Directly from the "cold Acriltex" series also comes an opaque ink on dark background (the price refe..
Ex Tax: 16.38€
Screen Printing Squeegees of Aluminum
The Vulkollan rake made of aluminum resists to solvents and is suitable for most inks. It has an exc..
Ex Tax: 10.55€
Water based Screen Printing Ink SERITEX
The Seritex is a very good ready-to-use water based ink for screen printing on fabrics. It is p..
Ex Tax: 5.90€
Based on 1 reviews.
Ceramic Inkwell cup 70 mm
Closed ink cup with ceramic ring 70mm diameter. Is the best choice for inking in photopolymer p..
Ex Tax: 168.85€
Color station K-SER1 EVO
Additional module for screen printing machine K-SER1 EVO. It adds to the K-SER1 EVO screen printing ..
Ex Tax: 252.43€
Pad Printing head 35
Round Pad for pad printing. Flexible type for manual machines. Technical data: Type:  ..
Ex Tax: 15.45€
Screen Printing Inks Eco Plastigloss 1Kg
Glossy vinyl inks new concept based on very well selected raw materials chosen specifically related ..
Ex Tax: 31.62€
Ceramic ring 70mm
Ceramic ring for Pad printer machine with closed ink cup. Diameter: 70mm. ..
Ex Tax: 106.37€
Frame support screen printing
The screen-printing frame support allows keeping upwards the screen-printing frame: ideal in combina..
Ex Tax: 28.69€
Halogen lamp 500 w
This projector (using halogen technology) is composed of a 500-watt bulb and has a flexible and perf..
Ex Tax: 12.66€
Screen printing ink for Nylon 1Kg
The "NYLON SAC" series is composed of formulated inks for textile printing on glossy and opaque synt..
Ex Tax: 24.72€
Screen printing spatula 28cm
Its knee-shaped condition is ideal to better collect the ink in the frame. The thickness of the b..
Ex Tax: 5.73€
Clamps + Frame support screen printing
The union of two key products in the world of screen printing: clamps and the new frame support sold..
Ex Tax: 40.90€
Screen printing ink Plastisol 1Kg
Fast-drying PLASTSPEED type inks are specially designed for application in the textile printing indu..
Ex Tax: 18.56€
Hardener ACRILTEX 40gr
Textile Printing. To improve the resistance to washing. Prepare the following mixture : ink 100..
Ex Tax: 2.56€
Screen Printing Frame HD 120T
The screen printing frame with yellow mesh 120T on high definition is ideal for machine and hand pri..
Ex Tax: 25.75€
Based on 1 reviews.
Cold lamination pvc film glossy
PVC Roll of transparent adhesive film (glossy type) for cold laminators. Mic.: 80. ..
Ex Tax: 122.13€
Hardener SERITEX 100gr
Textile Printing. To improve the resistance to washing. Prepare the following mixture : ink 100..
Ex Tax: 2.22€
Screen Printing Frame for Textile Fabric
Screen printing frame in aluminium Ideal for machines and hand printing External dimensions..
Ex Tax: 21.32€
Double sided adhesive 700 mm x 1000 mm - Pack of 100 sheets
Adhesive Double-Sided Sheets. Ideal to fix printings or photographs on rigid panels and/or poster..
Ex Tax: 244.75€
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