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Screen Printing Press DIY

Screen Printing Press
Product Code: K-SER-ZERO-KIT
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T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine

This is the age of cool fashion trends and teenagers prefer wearing the latest trends. You must have seen them sporting their favourite icons on their T-shirts especially.

It’s all about screen printing T-shirt press which allows you to print virtually anything on your clothes.

The product that you can find here is the Screen Printing T-shirt Press along with its starting screen printing kit (Product Code: K-SER-ZERO-KIT). It’s a combined package; it offers you a printing press and its starter kit.

This package contains unique and portable printing press together with the starting kit which includes a gas spring to support and hold the frame while you are printing. The exciting fact about this press is that it can mount frames in the wood and aluminium as well. The wooden top is the maximum printing surface which measures 38 x 54 cm and it is specifically shaped to support the insertion of the shirt. Moreover, the strong surface helps holding the shirt nicely so that the print can be pasted on it.

It contains adjusting screws as well, so that the frames with different thickness can be easily adjusted. This exclusive screen printing press has been designed, created and distributed only by KeyGadgets World Exclusive. It takes a few minutes to print the image you want on any T-shirt or shirt.


This package consists of two products which are:


- K-SER_ZERO Screen Printing Press

- Screen printing Starter Kit

It’s an exclusive kind of T-shirt printing press, available in metallic black colour. Now, you may be wondering about the suitable apparel/clothes that can be printed with the help of this printing press.


- T-shirt

- Sweatshirt

- Work clothes

- Fabrics


These are the type of clothes that can be printed with this printing press and you can certainly expect the best results because of their easy absorption capacity of colours.


- Printing area: 380 x 540 mm


If you are keen to know how this printing press works or how to easily print your T-shirt with this product, you can watch this video:

The exclusive feature of K-SER-ZERO is that it covers a wide printing area of 380 x 540 mm which is suitable for any form of clothing.

The kit is perfectly designed for all kinds of DIY stuff. Beginners can easily print their T-shirts with the equipment which is included in the kit. If you want high-quality monochromatic prints, this is just the perfect screen printing kit that matches with K-SER-ZERO at your home.

Now, the fact is that, having this press alone cannot print your shirts or clothes and you need some additional materials to accomplish the process successfully. Thankfully, these things are already included in the kit which makes the job easier and more convenient.


Here are the things that the starter kits include:

  • 1 Aluminum Screen Printing Frame 58 x 48 cm da 55T (good for T-Shirt print)
  • 1 Scoop coater 35 cm
  • 1 Halogen Lamp 400W + 1 Bulb E27 yellow color for Photo Emulsion ambient
  • 1 Wooden Squeegee 33 cm
  • 250gr. Ink BLACK Textile SERITEX
  • 250gr. Photo Emulsion Autotype HD super quality Top screen - ready to use
  • 1L Autostrip Emulsion Remover, Ready to use
  • 5 Wooden Spatula
  • 10 Sheets paper A4 for laser printer
  • 2 Gloves
  • 1L Degreaser wash, Ready to use
  • 1 Sheet with Screen printing instruction for beginners

All our products are in accordance with: RoHS / REACH / SVHC / EN71 / IPA-PAHs / PAE.

If you compare the K-SER-ZERO screen printing press with heat printing process, there are some significant advantages that make the former one really an advanced equipment for the job. Let’s now point out some great features of this screen printing press product.

1 – Longevity

In comparison to the heat press process, this technology makes the print last much longer. The composition and the thickness of the inks used and the placement method of the design can withstand far more stress than others without even degrading the quality.

2 – Quality finishing

The high-quality finishing of this screen printing press can be easily perceived in the vibrant colours that are difficult to replicate by any other techniques. Moreover, the process can replicate the subtle details of the designs which makes it look great.

3 – Versatile method


This is indeed a versatile screen printing method which is superior to any other printing press method. Such printing can be done probably on any surface which is flat: fabric, wood, metal, plastic, etc.


We offer an exclusive shipping to all the countries in Europe: Italy, Germany, France, England, Spain and others. We offer the fastest shipping at affordable prices. Please calculate the shipping time and the cost as per your destination. Also, go through the return policy for further information.

So, if you are fond of pressing your favourite thing on your T-shirt, this is a must-have equipment. You can have it for a reasonable price and it will help you define your personal style.

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All perfect
In few days I received the pack, I'm very happy, all correct, speed and good attention
This reviewer recommends this product
Qualità Ottima e risultati soddisfacenti
Grazie alla buona qualità dei prodotti e alla disponibilità massima di Ennio siamo riuscita ad ottenere degli ottimi risultati in poco tempo, e non essendo mai stati a contatto con la serigrafia professionale siamo riusciti a ottenere degli ottimi risultati e a soddisfare tutti i nostri clienti. Altrementi Ragusa consiglia Key Gadget assolutamente.
This reviewer recommends this product
Ottima macchina, spedizione ultra veloce
Ottimo prodotto e velocissimi nella consegna. Consigliatisssimo!!
Tutto a posto. Veloce e sicuro. Grazie
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