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Pad printing kit
This special kit includes a Exposure unit with UV lamps necessary for engrave pad prinitng plates in..
text_tax 1,146.72€
Based on 8 reviews.
K-SER 1 Evo Screen Printing Machine
Equipped with a powerful exposure UV lamps and digital timer , you can easily transfer your image to..
text_tax 1,228.69€
Based on 6 reviews.
Cold Laminator 1400mm K-LAM1400
The Cold Laminator K-LAM 1400 is ideal for laminating at a low price: it allows to laminate in a qui..
799.00€ 748.99€
text_tax 613.93€
Based on 10 reviews.
Paper cutter 434mm
The manual paper cutter KT-434 868/A3 is a very requested product, especially by those who deal with..
599.00€ 499.00€
text_tax 409.02€
Based on 3 reviews.
Screen Printing Press + Kit
This is the age of cool fashion trends and teenagers prefer wearing the latest trends. You must have..
text_tax 236.89€
Based on 8 reviews.
Electric Cold Laminator 1600mm
The Electric Cold Laminator, it is ideal to pair or apply adhesive. It allows, easily and profession..
1,899.00€ 1,699.00€
text_tax 1,392.62€
Based on 5 reviews.
Clamps + Frame support screen printing
The union of two key products in the world of screen printing: clamps and the new frame support sold..
text_tax 40.90€
Screen Printing Kit
Are you thinking about starting a small business or are you simply interested in DIY screen printing..
text_tax 83.61€
Based on 20 reviews.
Creasing machine A3
The A3 Creasing machine with fixed mould manages to tie up invitations, menus, flyers and any type o..
text_tax 204.10€
Based on 2 reviews.
Screen printing clamps 2x
It will be enough to tighten the pins on a table or a rigid base to get an excellent screen-printing..
text_tax 16.31€
Based on 1 reviews.
Frame support screen printing
The screen-printing frame support allows keeping upwards the screen-printing frame: ideal in combina..
text_tax 28.69€
Screen Printing Frame HD 120T
The screen printing frame with yellow mesh 120T on high definition is ideal for machine and hand pri..
text_tax 25.75€
Based on 1 reviews.
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